What Comes After JAMB? the actions you should take to get admission after your JAMB results have been revealed.

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Many candidates wonder, “what next after JAMB?” or “what do I do next after seeing my JAMB result?” It is commonly assumed that if you score 200 or more, your admission is guaranteed. That is not entirely correct. Every year, many candidates with scores of 200 or higher are denied admission, while those with scores of less than 200 are admitted.

So, just because you scored 200 or above does not guarantee you admission this year. It’s only a stepping stone. On the other hand, a score of less than 200 does not necessarily imply that you will not be admitted this year.

So, what are the next steps I need to follow after receiving my JAMB results in order to gain admission to a higher education institution this year? The answer to that question is the focus of this piece. Let us highlight and clarify the measures you should follow after your JAMB results are revealed in order to get admission.

Understand Your School’s Admission Cut-Off Point:

This is the first thing you must understand. It will tell you whether or not you are qualified for admission to your preferred school. The cut-off mark for institutions is divided into two groups;

(a) The general cut-off mark: the lowest JAMB score required before you are eligible for admission to the university.

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(b) the departmental cut-off mark: This is the lowest possible score required to get admitted to the course or department for which you applied. Most schools reveal their admission cut-off marks when they announce their admission screening process. If you wait till then, it may be too late. This is because you need to know the cut-off mark in order to decide whether or not to change your course or institution before it closes. So you should look at the school’s prior cut-off marks to see if you have a chance or if you need to change courses and institutions.

Determine if you need a change of course or institution:

If your JAMB score is insufficient to gain admission to the course or institution to which you applied, you will need to alter courses or institutions. Two considerations should be made while changing your course and institution:

a: The course you intend to switch to must be in line with your UTME subject combination. For example, if your UTME subject combination includes English, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Physics, do not move to a course like Biochemistry. This will not work because Biochemistry requires Biology as one of your UTME studies.

b: Confirm that the institution to which you are shifting can accept your UTME score and provides the course to which you want to move. Once you’ve validated the following information, you can apply for a change of course or institution as soon as it becomes available.

Purchase the Admission Screening Form for Your School:

To be eligible for admission to any institution in Nigeria, you must apply for the institution’s admission screening process. Typically, most universities announce the availability of entrance screening forms between June and August. You must maintain current so that you do not miss your school’s admission screening form. We will do everything possible to guarantee that you do not miss any information regarding your school’s admission screening. So keep checking this website for admission screening information from your preferred institution.

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Take part in your school’s admission screening process:

You must complete the admission screening process after obtaining your school’s admission screening form. When the school announces its admission screening form, you will be informed of the type of screening you will be subjected to as well as other pertinent information. Admission screening is typically conducted in one of these methods;

Online Screening
Physical Screening
Screening for Aptitude Tests/Interviews

Wait for Your School’s admission List:

Following the admissions screening, you must wait for your school to release the Admission list. This is the list of candidates admitted to the institution for the current academic session. Typically, the admission list is released a month or two following the admission screening process. However, it can take up to three months or more at times. JAMB may be the one to provide the list at times. We will notify you once the admission list for any school is released.

Apply for Admission Clearance/Registration:

If your name appears on the admissions list at your school, it signifies you have been offered provisional admission. To validate your admission, you must go through the clearing and registration process at the school where you have been awarded provisional admission. After that, you are officially enrolled at that school.

So now you know what procedures you need to do after your JAMB results are revealed in order to get admission. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments area. Don’t forget to share this content with your friends so they can be informed as well.

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Wish you the best of success!.

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