UTME Mock: Important Things To Observe During The Exam

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Finally, on March 30th, 2023, the JAMB Mock Exam for 2023 UTME candidates will be held. For candidates who will be taking the mock exam, there are a few things you should keep in mind that will aid you during the main exam, especially if this is your first time taking the JAMB exam.

We recommend that you treat the JAMB mock examination as if it were the main JAMB examination. This can help you prepare your mind and gain confidence in order to take the main JAMB exam. Examine the entire exam procedure thoroughly. Take great note of the following;

1.The Onscreen Calculator: JAMB does not let candidates to bring calculators inside the exam venue. During the exam, you will be asked to use the calculator that will be displayed on your computer screen to calculate anything. So, if you are taking a topic that requires calculations, I recommend that you spend some time observing how the Onscreen calculator works. If you are unsure how to utilize it, bring it to the attention of the invigilator. This will help you understand how to use it effectively during the main Exam.

2.Check To See If A Rough Sheet Is Provided: Most subjects that need calculations will require you to use a rough sheet. However, bringing rough paper into the exam hall is prohibited by JAMB. We don’t know if they will give one for candidates. So see if there is anything like that so you know how to prepare for the main exam in terms of handling calculation questions.


Other Important Considerations:

a. After logging in, carefully examine the layout or interface of the computer screen.
b. Take a note of where the TIME is and the precise time for the exam.
c. Take a note of where the Subject Navigation is located, the subjects you will be tested on, how many questions you must answer, and so on.
d. If you are given the JAMB-issued 9-key device, use it to practice the previously listed keys.
a. Determine whether a 9-key device and a mouse are provided, and whether you can use both.
f. Determine whether JAMB has added anything new that was not present last year.
g. If you come across something you don’t understand, ask the invigilator so it doesn’t become a problem for you.

Please do not bring the prohibited objects to the hall in order to avoid being penalised or disqualified. If you must accompany them, keep them somewhere safe outside the exam hall. You can return after the mock exam to give your thoughts in the comments section. It is really appreciated.

Whether you write the mock test or not, the BLAST JAMB CBT app or software for the 2023 JAMB exam will provide you with the same experience as the mock exam by allowing you to become acquainted with the JAMB.

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