Things that can help JAMBITES increase their chances of gaining admission

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Things that can help JAMBITES increase their chances of gaining admission

While it is true that the factors that determine who gets admitted through JAMB and who does not are quite complicated, it does not mean that there is nothing a candidate can do to increase his or her chances of securing admission. This post is to highlight key things candidates can do to ensure he or she has a very high possibility of securing a degree admission.

If you are an undergraduate admission seeker, you are advised to carefully read this post and follow the recommendations to increase your chances of gaining admission. Below are a few factors that will increase your chances of gaining a degree admission.

1. Upload Comlete/Right O’level results:

JAMB has made it clear last year that henceforth, no candidates will be admitted with incomplete O’level results. A candidate that does not have the complete O’level results for his or her chosen course of study is not qualified for admission. This does not mean that candidates that are are still waiting for the release of their O’level results cannot be considered for admission. However, such candidates are to ensure they upload their complete O’level results before admission commences
or immediately after the results are released. As a matter of fact, all candidates should confirm their O’level results are available on JAMB CAPS. Without this, no admission for you.

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2. Have a Correct JAMB UTME-Subject Combination:

Just the same way an incomplete/wrong O’level results can disqualify you for admission, the same way a wrong UTME subject combination can equally disqualify. UTME Subject combination is the combination of subjects related to your intended course of study that you are expected to take during the JAMB examination. Candidates are expected to go through the JAMB brochure to know the exact UTME subject combination for their chosen course of study. You can check our list of courses and their UTME
subject combinations to avoid making this mistake. If you notice that you have a wrong subject combination for your course of study, you are advised to quickly change your course to the one that matches the subjects.

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3. Apply to a School That Your State of Origin Is Within Its Catchment Area:

Each Federal University has its own catchment areas. These catchment areas are states connected to that particular federal university. If your state of origin is recognized as part of the catchment area of the federal university you applied to study, you will stand a better chance of securing admission into that university than someone else whose state of origin is not recognized as part of the university’s catchment area. 35% of the available spaces are reserved for candidates whose state of origin falls within the catchment area of the federal university of their choice. So it is advisable to apply for admission to an institution that has your state of origin as part of its catchment area.

4. A Good JAMB Score

Though a good JAMB score does not automatically mean that you will gain admission, a good JAMB score will help boost your chances of securing admission especially if your intended course of study is a competitive course like Medicine, Law, etc. Start your exam preparation now! Enroll for our JAMB master class

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5. A Good Post-UTME Score:

A high Post JAMB score equally gives a candidate a high chance of gaining admission. A good JAMB score alone is not enough. You equally need a good Post-UTME score. That will give you a better chance of securing admission. Have you gotten the Post-UTME past questions and answers for your school of choice? If not, get it now so you can prepare adequately for the Exam

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