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Have you heard of MREZEHUB INTENSIVE JAMB CLASS 2024??

It is so unfortunate that after reading this article some so-called students will still fall into the hands of scammers in the name of Jamb Runz or Jamb Upgrade!!!

What a pity!!!!! Pls, read this before looking for a solution to poor jamb score while you own all that it takes to score 300+ in Jamb UTME 2024.

Welcome to the home of exam Relief. Your very Best Exam Solution Center.

Have you taken the jamb UTME examination and scored lesser than expected?

Are you amongst those seeking to write Jamb UTME 2024 examination? Or

Are you among those struggling to read and afraid to fail the next UTME examination?




Earlier Before now 2010 to be precise, JAMB held two distinct exams for candidates seeking admission to Nigeria’s higher education institutions. For applicants seeking admission to any Nigerian university, the University Matriculation Examination (UME) was the initial test. The second was the Matriculation Examination for Monotechnics, Polytechnics, and Colleges of Education (MPCEME). Candidates seeking admission to Nigeria’s Monotechnics, Polytechnic, or colleges of education were invited to take this exam.


These two exams are currently consolidated into one by JAMB and are known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). All applicants to Nigerian universities, polytechnics, monotechnics, and colleges of education must take the UTME. So, you must take the UTME if you want to enroll in a higher education program in Nigeria.



As time passes on, the JAMB UTME examination has become the most challenging and fearful examination in the eyes of most students.

Some students called it an “EXAM OF LUCK” due to their lazy nature to prepare for it.

It’s a pity that most students want success by luck other than success that comes as a result of their sacrifices, preparation, and what they worked for. As a matter of fact, the jamb is the cheapest, easy to pass, and fail the exam than most written examinations but the fear of failing has tremendously been the major issue affecting the minds of most students thereby limiting the belief you have in yourself.

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If those scoring above 300+ ARE NOT having 2HEADS so too am here to make it possible for you to score beyond your expectations. In addition, disregard JAMB RUNZ & UPGRADE no such services existed.

We are organizing an intensive JAMB MASTER CLASS 1st Edition for serious-minded students who are ready and willing to scale through above 300+ in the upcoming UTME Examination.

We are so consigned about your success and have built a strong team of Professional Tutors to handle every single topic included in the JAMB Scheme during the course of the lessons.

Assurance covers you that none of our students shall be left behind. Every topic related to JAMB Scheme will be well explained including daily cbt test exams on each topic which will include all frequent and related asked questions regards to the topic treated on daily basis.



There are more benefits than expected when you enroll in MREZEHUB JAMB UTME MASTER CLASS TODAY.

  1. Your success is Assured
  2. You will be given Listening Ears by our Group of Professional Tutors
  3. Gain Access to Jamb UTME CBT Practice Application installed on your PC or Mobile
  4. 100% Scheme coverage with proper understanding by all participants
  5. You will get access to My online hidden materials/resources reserved only for participants.
  6. You will be guided on the do’s and Don’ts including the freedom to ask questions and get replies to any issues that involve your academic

To mention but a few, whatever we have in stock for you shall be revealed when you enroll.


Here are all you need to know about Mrezehub intensive Jamb UTME Master Class!

An intensive and intensive online tutorial to unveil secrets to blasting 300+ in JAMB UTME 2024 by professional tutors.

Features include:

*Intensive Classes

*Night Classes

*Memorandum Review of Jamb Syllabus

*Tackling exam fears

*Time Economy

*Simplified Lectures notes

*UTME Basic profiling

*Past Questions and Answers Review

*Group Reading/Summary

*Free PDF and Online Resource Access

*Dosage Summary Notes on Various Topics

*Follow up by Tutors

*Mentorship & Guidance



Enrollment in Mrezehub intensive jamb master class will begin on the 3rd of February 2024 and the classes are said to hold for 3month FEBRUARY – APRIL before the Jamb UTME examination kicks off.

Interested students are advised to join the class from start to finish in other to meet up as expected. Remember early preparation matters a lot.

Subjects Taken at Mrezehub JAMB UTME Master Class 2024


  •  English
  • Mathematics
  • chemistry 
  • Physics
  • Literature in English
  • Biology
  • Government 
  • CRS
  • Economics
  • Accounting 
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Frequently Asked Questions!

When is the tutorial starting?

The tutorial is said to begin on 3rd Feb 2024– April. Which is said to last for 3 months.

Where will the tutorial take place?

The tutorial will take place via Mrezehub assigned platforms, that’s to say, we shall conduct our tutorials via WhatsApp platform, Telegram Channels also Online Web Access portals.

Some tutorials will contain Theoretical explanations, video concepts as well as diagrams.

We have created an online system software which shall be used daily to conduct tests and examinations, a question and answers poll to engage participants to tutors as well as private links to our resources to 1click download on your mobile/PC.

How much does it cost to Enroll?

To enroll N5,000 for the first month’s payment while subsequent 2 months N4,000 each that worth N13,000 altogether.

You can pay on an installment basis or a one-time fee of N11,000 discount for 3 months if you are paying at once.

This is quite an expensive price Sir, no reduction?

Is the price that expensive compared to the attention, time, resources, and efforts put together to provide you with the best?

Well, I don’t doubt the fact you said so. It took us several months to articulate all lecture notes, resources, online portal setups, and as well as responsive tutors to handle this intensive tutorial.

it is better to be sure of our success than to pay fake dealers out there for a service you will never get!!

Be wise and reasonable, you can make it!!!!! Disregard Jamb runs or expo, Jamb Upgrade….. NO such services exist….

Mrezehub Helpdesk will tell you nothing but the truth.

If I pay now, is it too early?


Obviously not! Your payment and all information will be recorded in our database.

Your payment is safe, your subscription is valid. You will be having a show talk with our representatives online to understand your strength and weakness and to get to know more better ways to help u out at the course of the tutorials.

Is my money Refundable?

We guaranteed you a 100% refund if you are not getting an impact from the course after for 1st week.

100% refund of the subsequent month’s payment if after subscribing for full 1time payment i.e is you pay N13,000 for 3 months and after the first month you are no longer interested, you will be refunded N4,000 + N4,000 for the 2leftover.

Your reasons must be genuine!

What time are the lessons?

 Lectures time are meant to last for 3 hours daily excluding Sundays.

8-11 pm.

You may choose to catch up at any time of your choice though daily submission of take-home work must be done before the next classes.

What are the requirements?

  1. Mobile Phone or Computer
  2. Internet data connection
  3. A pen and Jotter

What if I don’t have a computer do, I still need to pay 5k 1st Month?

It is necessary for those who can afford it. Never take chances, we shall be making references to some questions in the software. The software is made available both for mobile and PC.

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So, paying the 5k is very necessary be you a mobile user or a PC user.

What is the guaranteed score for me after enrolling in your Masterclass?

Assurance covers you of scoring high, this isn’t the so-called jamb Runz scam, and neither can I determine for you what score that could be.

Bear in mind the reward for preparation and sacrifices is a success!!!


Are you ready to subscribe then click the button below to Enroll Now

Pay with an ATM Card to get redirected automatically to our WhatsApp group after payment or even you can pay to the account details below;

Bank Name: Wema Bank Int

Account Name: Mrezehub Int flw

Account No:8511115931

After payment Message and forward evidence of payment to me via WhatsApp at 08146150804 or 08039803030.

Click Here to Enroll Jamb Master class

Click here to make direct payment


A final thought to Mrezehub Intensive Jamb UTME Master Class 2024


All said and done, with all you have read, believing the fact that God will spare your life to come back and testify to our helpdesk.

The portal is wide open for interested jambite. You can as well invite others, don’t keep this to yourself.

Interested to work as an affiliate? Kindly click the button below.

Quotes for the wise!

  • You always pass failure on your way to success.
  • Failure is not falling down but refusing to get back up.
  • It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure
  • Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again
  • The only thing that separates success from failure is one last attempt.
  • Most great people have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.




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