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This article will tell you the best way to phenomenally pass JAMB. You will learn how to score High in JAMB utilizing readiness hacks. Likewise, assuming that your target is to score above 350+, you will learn how to score above 350+ in JAMB 2023. Besides, I will show you top JAMB mysteries and tips You Really want to Be aware to succeed. Peruse this before you Sit for UTME and no JAMB Stunts will Outfox you.

How to Score Above 350+ in JAMB 2023

Every JAMB examination year, when the result is released, a handful of candidates score 350+ and above; and the rest wonder how they possibly were able to achieve such a great feat. Such performance looks extraordinary and out-of-this-world simply because many do not know the secrets behind such outcomes. Today, we are here to reveal the secrets so that whosoever is willing can take advantage of them and come out tops in the forthcoming UTME exam.

Tune in, what you do before the examination is a main consideration that would determine what you will come out with and whether you would finally gain admission to study your dream course in that your dream institution. Many university aspirants do not really understand the role their JAMB scores play on their admission chances. For most schools in Nigeria, the departmental cut-off marks are judged by determining the average of the candidates’ UTME and post-UTME scores. So, you stand at a very good advantage if your JAMB score is really very high.

I’m certain you need to get an exceptionally high score in this examination – something over 350+.I’d very much love to show you how. So just keep reading.

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How to Score Above 350+ in JAMB

If you are searching for how to score high in JAMB, the following 13 Proven tips are for you. Read them thoroughly, apply the lessons and you’ll pass JAMB excellently this year.


This is the first and probably the most important advice any experienced person can offer a JAMBITES. The UTME examination is more advanced and technical than what you had in your O’level. More so, it is very competitive as over 1.8 million candidates sit for it every year and less than 40% of that number succeed in getting admission at the end of the year.

Early preparation provides you with some flexibility in your study schedule and allows room for any distractions such as unpredictable events. As human beings, we are all subjected to procrastination, laziness, distraction, stress, and unavoidable family commitments.

This is one of the smartest ways to pass JAMB 2023 and score High in JAMB. So start early enough and read both intensively and extensively. Don’t be like people who want to prepare for JAMB within one or two months and expect to score 400 over 400. For a thorough preparation for JAMB, you will have to put in a minimum of 6 – 12 months.


A target is a goal that the individual is aiming to reach. But targets don’t just tell us what we are aiming for – they let us measure the distance by which we fall short, and the amount of work we need to do to make it up. You need to have a target in order to judge whether you are making improvements. But how should you set targets? Well, aiming high is always a good start, but here are some other tips to consider.

That is; Be explicit, be reasonable, support high level focuses with lower-level targets, and gamify! If you have any desire to score extremely high in JAMB 2023, you want to set an exceptionally high objective score

Tell yourself, “I want to score above 350+ in JAMB 2023”. But, here’s the catch.
You are likely to score below your target score. So, target a very high JAMB score. This is also another smartest way to pass JAMB 2023 and score High in JAMB.


Many will discourage you from doing this probably because they have tried it and failed to maintain it. But the necessity and benefits of having a personal study time table cannot be over-emphasized. Yes, it takes an awful lot of discipline to sustain but it is worth it. Have days and times for each of your four subjects.

Do not engage friends during those times. Do not play games or watch football matches that fall into those times. Be religious about your study timetable. Read, read and read. Work hard on yourself and on your studies. Every thing in life has a price tag. Pay the price for that 320+ you want to score in JAMB this year and if you do, nothing shall stop you from attaining your desired score. Learn these time management tips and fully maximize your time.


The way you study for JAMB 2023 will determine what your JAMB score will look like. Taking exams is stressful, but you can make it easier by improving the way you study

Studying for your exams effectively and consistently will keep you from feeling unprepared, and it will set you up for success! The way you study for JAMB 2023 will determine what your JAMB score will look like.

Plan review sessions beginning at least a week in advance of each exam.Ideally, you’ll do several mini-reviews well in advance, and gradually increase the time in which you study, rather than trying to cram everything.

It will be of tremendous importance to also note that not every candidate that scores low in JAMB didn’t study or prepared well”.Come actually studied, but they didn’t study THE RIGHT WAY.

Too often, it’s easy to view studying as something that only gets done at the last minute in a huge overnight cram session. Instead, try setting aside some time every day to study. Scheduling it just like another appointment or class may help you stay motivated to continue the habit.

This is also another smartest way to pass JAMB 2023 and score High in JAMB.


This is where many candidates miss it and this is the reason why they perform below their own expectations. Many are not even aware that there is any such thing as JAMB syllabus in all subject. So they just buy JAMB form, tidy up their registrations and start reading (and many just read amiss). Please get this today. JAMB provides their syllabuses for all the subjects they test candidates on and it is very assuring to note that they do not go beyond their syllabus.

No question from a topic that is not in the syllabus will greet you in the exam hall. It’s not possible. So the syllabus is a perfect tool (actually, one of the most important tools) to guide and help navigate your ship through the vast ocean of books. Don’t study without it. Strictly follow the syllabus. If you do, it will both save your precious time and give you the assurance that you are really truly ready for the examination. You can view and download the current JAMB Syllabus through this link: Current JAMB Syllabus for all Subjects

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Many do not know that there’re such things as JAMB Recommended Textbooks. So they just read any Senior Secondary School Textbook they could lay their hands on and think they are all the same. JAMB, in their wisdom and based on the coverage of their syllabuses, recommends textbooks to enable the candidates grab the required information or knowledge to excel in the UTME examination. So it is akin to foolishness for any serious candidate who has admission as a goal not to make use of recommended textbooks.

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One of the secrets to passing any examination (whether external or internal) is to discover how the examiner sets his questions and the only way to find that out is to procure the question papers from the previous years. Good enough, JAMB Past Questions are readily available from inception till date, and it may interest you to know that majority of the questions set by JAMB in recent years are just a repetition of questions they’ve set in the past.

So get the past questions and use them to study your subject. They are very good tools for practice and would help you to evaluate and assess your progress from time to time. To get up-to-date JAMB Past Questions in all Subjects, follow this link: Updated JAMB Past Questions in all Subjects.


There’s so much to learn from those who are more experienced than you are. With such people, there are certain mistakes you are shielded from and there are instructions, inputs and advice you will receive from them and everything will turn around for the better. It is a very viable idea to attend some UTME classes.

For such an examination as UTME, when you are armed with, not only your knowledge, but with knowledge of other people – you become invincible. You will get better results, increased admission chances and meet other candidates of like passion who may eventually become your study partners. If you find the need, you can join our JAMBITES Online Tutorial Group on WhatsApp 08039803030


Another factor that differentiates candidates who pass JAMB from candidates who score low in JAMB is their TIME MANAGEMENT skills.

To pass JAMB, you must know how to spend your time the right way. Good time management allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time.

It leads to more free time, which lets you take advantage of learning opportunities, lowers your stress, and helps you focus, which leads to more career success. Each benefit of time management improves another aspect of your life.

Effective time management allows you to complete more in less time because your attention is focused and you’re not wasting time on distractions (such as social media, for example. Efficient use of time also reduces stress, as you tick off items from your to-do list.

This is also another smartest way to pass JAMB 2023 and score High in JAMB.


One serious problem plaguing the Nigeria’s Education system is wide spread exam malpractice which seems to have eaten deep into the university matriculation examination organized by JAMB.

Because of the way some of the beneficiaries of this misconduct go scot free and the way these “runs” are publicly advertised, more and more JAMBITES are tempted to join the cheating game.

But mind you, apart from the long term effects of exam malpractice, most candidates that involve in such act end up disappointed when the result is released and they realized they were duped.

Take note, anybody that encourages you to subscribe to any illegal business is only after your money. They are majorly scammers! Don’t hope or depend on expo or any other form of JAMB runs to be successful in your JAMB exam. Just go for the exam well prepared and with confidence, you‘ll surely sail through.


Passing JAMB or Scoring high in JAMB 2023 will become easier for you only If you follow the above tips and recommendations. Nothing can stop you from passing the JAMB CBT exam 2023.

Life is all about determination. Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Determination is what motivates us to improve ourselves, make positive changes in our lives, and increase our chances of success. It enables us to build dreams, live healthier lives, and strengthen our relationships with others. Determination inspires us to dream bigger and achieve more for ourselves.

When we adopt hard-working, successful people as role models, we fuel our own determination and stay inspired to create new goals.

So far, we’ve provided you with the most inspiring tips to encourage you to go for your dreams! Always remember that to score 350+ in JAMB 2023 early preparation matters.

We hope this article helped you learn how to pass JAMB 2023 and how to score high in JAMB. Go ahead and implement a few of these UTME examination success secret tips, and you should see an increase in your UTME score.

We hope that you found our article on how to pass JAMB 2023 excellently and Score high to be helpful.


Sounds simple enough, but it’s not always easy when there’s so much to do. Deep sleep causes physical changes in the brain. When you learn something, your brain cells grow new connections that reach out and connect to other brain cells. This strengthens the pathways in your brain around whatever it is your learning. Sleeping after learning encourages memories of the information to be wired into your brain, so it’s less likely to fade. Think of your brain like a tree. Learning causes a branch to grow, but sleep helps it to grow the leaves and other tiny branches that will sustain and strengthen it.


Continuously remember that the Almighty actually administers in the affairs of men. He is the One that decides the possible result of each and every occasion throughout everyday life.

Seek after a relationship with your maker and continually pray towards the impending UTME exams. Pray that no lamentable or sad occasion will happen to you – you won’t fall wiped out or miss your exam, your system won’t get out of hand, and arrange will be ideal for you.

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