Here Are 8 Reasons Why Students Fail the JAMB Examination.

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Here Are 8 Reasons Why Students Fail the JAMB Examination.


This one doesn’t require much explanation. If you do not prepare for an exam, it means that you are preparing to fail the exam. Many candidates fail not because they lack academic ability or intelligence, but because they fail to prepare for the exam. To properly prepare for a JAMB exam, you must do everything possible to avoid distractions. If possible, avoid social media. Unless you are a member of an online study group for the purpose of the exam.

Determine what works best for you and stick with it; is it studying alone? Do you study in a group? Considering tutorials? etc. Simply follow any study pattern.


This is where many candidates miss it and this is the reason why they perform below their own expectations. Many are not even aware that there is any such thing as JAMB syllabus in all subject. So they just buy JAMB form, tidy up their registrations and start reading (and many just read amiss). Please get this today. JAMB provides their syllabuses for all the subjects they test candidates on and it is very assuring to note that they do not go beyond their syllabus.

No question from a topic that is not in the syllabus will greet you in the exam hall. It’s not possible. So the syllabus is a perfect tool (actually, one of the most important tools) to guide and help navigate your ship through the vast ocean of books. Don’t study without it. Strictly follow the syllabus. If you do, it will both save your precious time and give you the assurance that you are really truly ready for the examination. You can view and download the current JAMB Syllabus through this link: Current JAMB Syllabus for all Subjects

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Many do not know that there’re such things as JAMB Recommended Textbooks. So they just read any Senior Secondary School Textbook they could lay their hands on and think they are all the same. JAMB, in their wisdom and based on the coverage of their syllabuses, recommends textbooks to enable the candidates grab the required information or knowledge to excel in the UTME examination. So it is akin to foolishness for any serious candidate who has admission as a goal not to make use of recommended textbooks.


We may live in the computer age, but the majority of students still do not understand how to use a computer system. It is quite disheartening that many students still do not know how to operate a computer system, despite the fact that computers can be found almost anywhere. Jamb is a computer-based examination, so it is critical that all candidates become familiar with a computer system in order to avoid confusion on exam day.

You don’t want to waste 5 minutes debating whether or not to click! Failure in your Jamb may result from your inability to operate a computer effectively. The only way to solve this problem is to enroll in computer-based training and complete it completely.


When you fail to read the instructions before beginning an exam, you are already on your way to failure. The instructions will tell you what you should and should not do. Many candidates fail to see their results after the JAMB exam because they did not read and follow the instructions. Please make sure you read all of the instructions before answering the questions.


If you are slow in answering questions during your UTME, you will never finish, which may prevent you from getting a good score. Many students fail the Jamb because they are simply too slow in answering the questions. It is critical to understand that Jamb necessitates excellent time management abilities.

Because each candidate has a limited amount of time to answer the questions, you must be extremely quick so that you are not caught napping when your time runs out. Practice is the only way to improve your time management skills. When practicing for the Jamb, try to time yourself to prepare for the main exam.


One serious problem plaguing the Nigeria’s Education system is wide spread exam malpractice which seems to have eaten deep into the university matriculation examination organized by JAMB.

Because of the way some of the beneficiaries of this misconduct go scot free and the way these “runs” are publicly advertised, more and more JAMBITES are tempted to join the cheating game.

But mind you, apart from the long term effects of exam malpractice, most candidates that involve in such act end up disappointed when the result is released and they realized they were duped.

Take note, anybody that encourages you to subscribe to any illegal business is only after your money. They are majorly scammers! Don’t hope or depend on expo or any other form of JAMB runs to be successful in your JAMB exam. Just go for the exam well prepared and with confidence, you‘ll surely sail through.


Without a doubt, Jamb past questions are simply a guide to what to expect in your Jamb examination. While questions do occasionally reappear, it is not guaranteed that the questions you see will be repeated during your Jamb examinations.

The previous questions are intended to be studied or practiced rather than memorized. Previous questions serve as guides for how questions will be asked in the future, as well as examples of the various forms a question can take.

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